Turn Up The Tropical

by Malibu Stacy

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Thomas Spring
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Thomas Spring A perfect throwback to the glory days of 2000's pop punk with a twist of pulpy refreshment. Enjoy best with a cold mixer like skateboarding, surfing, road tripping or snowboarding. Also Mitch is sexy Favorite track: Meet Me At Moe's (Feat. Nicholas Wilkinson).
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released June 19, 2013

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Wilkinson



all rights reserved


Malibu Stacy Sunshine Coast, Australia

Five mates from the Sunshine Coast, Australia, playing our own brand of honest punk rock and having the time of our lives doing it.

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Track Name: Standing Ground
Standing ground,
We’re not on our own.
We’ll do this with or without you.
We’ll stand tall as lions,
While you just falter and sink lower.
Track Name: Tigerblood
So here I am, I’ve left myself along the wayside with you,
But that’s my choice and now I claim it as my own.
It’s not the first time that giving up on you meant giving up on everything that I know.
I can’t explain, this is the first time that I’ve felt like I’m insane,
And that I really couldn’t help but letting go.
Eighteen years broken and still hopeless.
I’m going nowhere fast but not fast enough.
With all that I have I can’t take this back,
The nights I’ve wasted, the time I’ve lost.
This can’t be the only thing that keeps me singing.
As much as it may seem, this world will never get me down.
This is not defeat.
I’ve wasted time, just holding on to false pretenses.
On the line, without a point or second chances.
But I can’t wait to break away from all I know,
And walk the line alone without a care of who I am.
And I can’t stand to fall below my own intention.
Just need a hand to point me in the right direction.
These years have come and gone so fast,
With these hands I’ll write a new verse.
We had fun but it’s time for me to go.
And these words are not a love song.
Track Name: Meet Me At Moe's (Feat. Nicholas Wilkinson)
I woke up defeated, this week had left me so depleted,
so I picked up my phone.
I messaged all of my best friends, ‘Let’s yolo’ then I hit send.
I’ll never feel alone.

If You’re feeling low, let the booze flow.
Woah oh oh oh.
We’ll get through, drink Malibu,
Cause that’s just how we do

We spent the whole night getting wasted, then woke up in a strippers basement.
I think she was 44.
When alcohol is your best friend, we’ll drink all night ‘til the AM.
And pass out on the floor.

It’s 3am and I’m laying on the floor,
My eyes are open wide but I can’t remember just how I got here.
Stacy in the background with Signals in the air,
I need a pick me up but now I really couldn’t care.

Turn Up The Tropical
Track Name: Highways (Feat. Casey Ford)
Not halfway through this shift and it feels like I’ve been here all day.
My mind is fixed on nothing but how I can’t wait to get away,
From these fake smiles and pleasantries, the normality is crushing me.And I can’t wait to leave this place.

Don’t care where I am as long as I’m in the back of the van.
On the open roads and we’re on to the next show.
Can’t get to sleep on all night drives,
So far from home but so alive.
And you’ll hear me say ‘I hope the highways are ready for me’.

These days are all the same,
Same four walls, roads and rat race game.
These are our golden years and I have no intention of letting them pass,
Like sand through an hour glass.
I just want something to leave behind.

I don’t know where I want to be and I don’t know which way to turn,
All I want is to be happy,
The kids that’s always out on tour.
The kid that got to see the world.
Track Name: Counting Thoughts
What happened to me?
Am I fading away?
I’ve buried my opinions and thoughts in place I’d never say.
I’m counting thoughts, and leaving things undone.
Hoping that time will change with the rising of the sun.
My head’s a mess
This world’s a mess.
Tangled within the knot of all our sins.

I’m so used to focusing on my feet that I can’t keep my head above me. Why am I so scared of this?
And honestly it feels you’re trying to pull me far away from the places I want to be. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It took most of me to realize that I’m not that bad.
It took most of me to identify the feelings that I had.
But I’m still me
Hopefully improving.
I’ll have no remorse, I settle the scores,
Cause this time I’m searching for The Upsides.

I’m not giving up on this just yet.